Licensed Intellectual Property and Royalty Based development. Inventory of inventions and patents.


A descendent of Hasbro’s 1993 “Crashback” and Spin Master’s 2003 “Regenerator”. We partnered with original inventors KID group to reinvent this crashing car for Spin Master’s 2019 line. Here is a look at how we designed the mechanism.


Track set and mechanism design licensed to Fisher-Price.

Our invention for Fisher Price, Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Fiery Rescue Set. We came up with the concept and built the first full functioning model then Worked with Fisher-Price on theme.

A new pocket Nerf Blaster and the development of toys that launch and fly. Behind the scenes. All development by Sweet Spot Studio, Inc. and its partners. Patents and copyrights apply.

This awesome hula hoop and jump rope in one is available for license.

2003 “Whiplash” with Tyco RC of Mattel.

2003 “Whiplash” with Tyco RC of Mattel.